Anonymous asked:

So what if your in love wit somebody an you guys break up but your working on getting back together... But in that proses another person comes along and makes you smile all day everyday. But now the person your in love with wants you back. What would you do.?


It’s all about what you feel is best for yourself. Personally, I think If the person that broke up with you has hurt you multiple times prior to breaking up then I’d choose the new one in your life because odds are if you get back with the first one… You’ll get hurt again. If you feel like the new one in your life has more to offer you than your first… That’s a sign too. If your ex only wants you when you show interest in the someone else… Don’t go back to them. And as a closing thought… If you’re sitting here confused on whether to choose your old boyfriend/girlfriend vs. the new boy/girl in your life… Choose the second. Because you wouldn’t have gone to the second if the first was doing their job right.